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Jackson Hole Trust Company pledges that the wishes of the founders of the trust will be faithfully executed in all respects.


Jackson Hole Trust Company works diligently and in close cooperation with founders, beneficiaries, trust protectors, lawyers, advisors and managers to attain this goal.


  • Serving as directed trustee or discretionary trustee.

  • Serving as co-trustee.

  • Serving in limited roles such as special trustee, trust protector, appointor and similar positions.

  • Serving as trustee of charitable trusts, including charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts and private foundations.

  • Overseeing all types of trust assets.

Jackson Hole Trust Company

185 W. Broadway, Suite 101
P.O. Box 1150
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

New Business & Inquiries About Our Services

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High net worth families who choose to appoint Jackson Hole Trust Company will find that it consistently offers responsive, reliable, personal service.

Estate Planning For U.S. Families
Jackson Hole Trust Company is well positioned to serve families that require a more flexible, business-driven approach. Our management team has extensive experience as providers of corporate and other services to a variety of businesses and is adept at holding and managing private assets.

Estate Planning For Multinational Families
Converting a foreign trust, or a part of it, to a domestic trust, requires hiring a U.S. trustee.

Jackson Hole Trust Company can fill this role and will also work with the foreign trustees, as well as the family’s worldwide professional advisors and investment managers, to assure that the steps to domesticate the trust occur smoothly and meet the client’s tax planning requirements.

Many multinational families have long experience with their foreign trustees and wish those trustees to have a continuing role. Jackson Hole Trust Company will keep these trusted professionals as part of your team. Long term relationships can be kept in place in several ways, including subcontracting services to the original trustees, or engaging the original trustees to serve as consultants or as directors and officers of companies controlled by the trust.

Jackson Hole Trust Company provides services multinational families want, coordinating the activities of the domestic and foreign trusts and involving the foreign trustees in a manner that meets the family’s needs.

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You will find Jackson Hole Trust Company's trust service fees very competitive.

Fees are generally based on the value of assets under management. However, fees can vary depending on the nature of the assets, the type of trust and the level of administration required.


Dear Trust & Estate Practitioners,

Welcome! If you are considering Wyoming as trust situs for your client and have not yet drafted a Wyoming trust, we will provide you with a seamless transition to Jackson Hole Trust Company. We will supply drafting language and a complementary consultation with an experienced Wyoming trust attorney. In addition, for existing trusts that qualify, Jackson Hole Trust Company will cover the fees for relocating the trust to Wyoming. You will find Jackson Hole Trust Company’s trust service fees very competitive. We will gladly prepare an analysis of your client’s tax, trustee and investment advisory fee savings.

The Undiscovered Country: Wyoming's Emergence as a Leading Trust Situs Jurisdiction.

For detailed information about the advantages of Wyoming, please click on the attached article.
Christopher M. Reimer, “The Undiscovered Country: Wyoming’s Emergence As A Leading Trust Situs Jurisdiction,” Vol. II No. 1, Wyoming Law Review, 199-200 (2011)

Wyoming Trusts for California Residents: Reduced Income Tax, Asset Protection, and Other Advantages.
California residents, please click on the additional article.
2011, Christopher M. Reimer, All Rights Reserved

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